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Ecology and Technology as Ideology

 What is that makes people ignorant and passive? What is the divine force or phenomenon that doesn’t let people act in accordance to the reality they know and passionately refuse to recognize?

I guess this divine force is called profit. People have created fictional set of values and needs based on materialism which alienates people from nature, and unfortunately makes them selfish and corrupted. Attracted from materialism and productivity, people have successfully destroyed most of the arable soil, cut big per cent of the world’s forest and used all natural materials unsustainably, consciously knowing that sooner or later they will disappear. Disregarding this fact, we continue to use the natural resources, following the economic flow that as less something is available, the more demanded and profitable it is. In other words, scarcity decreases profit. Is this reasonable?

Think about future generations. How would they react to the fact that we have known that the natural materials will be gone, and we still kept using them, ignoring the most important fact-natural resources DON’T LAST FOREVER!

Furthermore, we don’t have any excuses. The technology is at its highest peak and scientists every day find sustainable solutions for problems. However, it is not in governments’ interest to create a sustainable living using technology and resource-based economy, because they would lose their profit and the imaginary flow of money.

What is money? Money comes out of thin air. It is fictionally created by banks to sustain the flow of supply and demand (1). Moreover, money, i.e. paper given a value, today oversees the true value of nature. How did we come to this point? Is this what we call development?

Today’s world doesn’t have a Jewish problem, a black problem, a Greek problem, a German problem, a Gypsy problem, but it has a HUMAN problem. We need to avoid the cultural approach and focus on human needs-access to clear water, safe and clean environments, food. Architect Jacque Fresco has presented a solution plan, a resource-based economy, where all decision would be based upon human and environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, his project has been rejected in practice because it doesn’t go along governments’ interest (1).

In conclusion, the existing world is the best world we could live in, but its harmony is disturbed by human activities. Governments and economies cannot and should not be the only ones that decide upon the usage of natural resources. Scientists, engineers and philosophers should play a role as wall (2).




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“The Story of Bottled Water”

Hello everyone,

I came across this video few days ago and i thought it is a good idea to share it with you guys.

This video is part of many others, created by Annie Leonard who strives to create a more sustainable and just world. She presents a series of social, environmental and economic concerns which beg to be solved.

Particularly, this video presents us the story behind bottled water. Many of us drink bottled water everyday without asking ourselves, why do I BUY this bottle when water should be free and accessible everywhere? In a persuasive way, Annie Leonard is describing the process of making the bottled water, the bottle-water companies concerns and sincerity and finally, she offers solutions and actions for this problem.

After watching this video, would you buy a bottled water? Would you be more interested to know whats behind the TV advertisements?



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